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Who we are

Synergy Telecoms Training combines the many years of technical, managerial and admin training to design and deliver training for the telecommunications industry.Australian_Qualifications_Framework_(logo)

For National Qualification Courses that require an RTO Endorsement, Synergy Telecoms has partnered with Conquest Communications a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 30268).

Synergy Telecoms have qualified for the following areas:

  • External Cable
  • Internal Cable
  • Equipment Technician
  • NBN Telstra Optus Design
  • Smart Wired House Premises
  • Administration

Our scope of registration includes the delivery of Nationally Recognised Training from Certificate II, III and IV. We take a flexible approach to developing learning pathways for our students which can include online e-Learning, work-based, face-to-face training and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), to cater for all learning styles and experience levels.1

We understand the telecommunications scene in Australia is changing rapidly, particularly with the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN). We continually invest in ensuring our team and resources are in step with the latest technology and industry practice.

We keep track of the shifting demands placed on the telecommunications industry and will tailor training to suit this. We aim to provide small business, independent contractors and large organisations with cost effective training that minimises down time and maximises productivity.

Whether you would like to register for a training course, train a worker or upskill your workforce, we will go above and beyond to provide you with a flexible training solution tailored to suit your needs.



ACMA Open Cable Registration Online Trainingb2ap3_thumbnail_nationally-recognised-training-logo

If you perform telecommunications cabling at the customer premises you must hold a current AC A Cabling registration applicable to the work that you do. In simple terms Restricted only lets you perform basic residential cabling up to the first socket. Anything beyond that, more complex cabling or working on the commercial building requires an Open Cable registration, Data – Structured cabling, OF – DF (Building), Coaxial – Coaxial Cabling (TV AV).

To perform specialised cabling, you also need relevant endorsements on your open registration.

Our courses include AC  A Open and Restricted as well as RPL and upgrade   from restricted to open if you have let your registration lapse or just haven’t got around to getting the certificate until now, refresher courses are also available.

Our flexible (online/face to face) courses are aimed at cablers, electricians and technicians already working in the industry or performing similar work who have experience installing cabling.  There  are  also  other  prerequisites  for  this course. Are you new to the industry? Then you also can do a course with additional modules.





How we can help you become a registered cabler2

Why become a registered cabler?

All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling that connects with the telecommunications network must be performed by a registered cabler . So if you want to be a cabler you need to get yourself registered.

Offences & Fines

A person who intentionally or recklessly contravenes the AC A’s cabling regulatory requirements for CPRs (Cabling Provider Rules) is guilty of an offence punishable by a 1,200.00 on-the-spot fine issued by an AC A inspector, or on conviction by a court, a fine of up to 21,600.00.

Why do I need this training and assessment?

In order to get registered you first have to undergo some basic training to ensure that you are competent to perform the cabling work according to the Australian standards as set out in the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS CA S009). You will need to obtain a copy of this Standard and bring along to your formal classroom training. Our trainers are skilled industry professionals who can help you learn how to interpret and apply the standards.

Open registered cabler

A person authorised to undertake any Open cabling work, subject to the person holding the appropriate endorsements or specialist competencies for any specialised cabling work undertaken.

Course Practical Component

When you register for our course, you will have access to material within 24 hours, after completion of the material you will have to complete some practical face-to-face hands on training and assessment in Bathurst. The time frame for hands-on-training will depend on your level of experience in the industry.



To commence your course contact us today to start the enrolment procedure.


Specialised cabling

Specialised cabling includes any installation, maintenance or repair to any of the following types of customer cabling and available only on: Open registration 1. Structured (data cable Cat 5e 6 etc.), 2. Optical-fibre cable, 3. Co-axial cable, 4. Underground, 5. Aerial cable.


We provide a very popular open cable course which prepares candidates and assesses competency in all the required units including health and safety   and electrical skills.

This course can be done face to face, or for people with enough industry experience we provide with a blend of online modules and practical assessment.

How to obtain your open cable registration

Step 1 ) Get training

Step 2 ) Document your work experience

Open Registration, you will need 360 hours of work experience Restricted Registration you will need 80 hours work experience. Check with your chosen registrar to see what evidence or proof they require.

Step 3 ) register with one of the 5 accredited registers

You may need to obtain a paper form or be able to do this online.

Step 4 ) Complete the registration form

Complete the Registration Form, referring to the competencies listed on your Statement of Attainment from our RTO partner. You may need to quote Conquest Communications RTO 30268

Step 5 ) Send or submit

Send your completed Registration Form along with a copy of your Statement of Attainment to the applicable Industry Registrar together with the relevant registration fee.

ACRS – Australian Cabler Registration Service

Phone:1300 667 771 Web:

Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL)

Phone: 02 8425 4331 Web:

BICSI Registered Cablers Australia

Phone: 1800 306 444 Web:

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia)

Phone: 03 9890 1544 Web:

TITAB Australia Cabler Registry Services

Phone: 03 9349 4955 Web:

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