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Qualifications – are you keeping up with the times?

Based on our article over at Aquatel on smart home growth, future proofing and keeping up to date with your licenses is very important to provide your clients with the best solutions.

It is your responsibility as a technician to advise customer on the best practices and recommended cable systems in use today. Do you still install a beige 2 pair phone cable throughout your customer’s home? Did you know that it is now a recommended standard to install Structured Cable system throughout the premises whether it’s residential or commercial building?

As an industry professional, it is your duty to do the right thing by the customer and install the system that customer will be able to use now AND in the near future, plus they will keep coming back to you knowing you won’t sell and install outdated systems and technologies.

What you do need to ensure is that you are Qualified to perform this work. From July 2014, ACMA Open Cable licence will not be enough – you must hold appropriate endorsements for the work you perform. Structured (DATA) cabling will require you to have Structured Cable endorsement on your Open Cable Licence.

If you are not sure what qualifications you need for the work you perform, or need to upgrade and do extra training, give us a call!
Remember, you only have until July 2014, don’t get left out!