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Internal Cabler

If you are a technician intending to do cabling at the customer premises, here is what you need to know: -

You MUST hold a current cabling licence (ACMA Open Cable) to be able to perform telecommunications cabling. Some industries ask for Restricted Cable licence as a minimum, however there are limitations with Restricted – you are only able to perform cabling with this licence to the 1st outlet in a residential building and you are not able to add endorsements to your licence.

However, if you are cabling commercial premises, more than 1 outlet in the house or performing a more complex installation (including MDF and beyond) in a residential/ commercial building – you need Open Cable licence.

New rules have come into effect from 1 July 2012, requiring any technicians performing specialised cabling to hold appropriate endorsements on their licence. Data/ Network cabling requires Structured Cable endorsement, Optical Fibre cabling – Optical Fibre endorsement, TV cabling – Coaxial cable endorsement and the list goes on. Endorsements are ONLY available on ACMA Open Licence.

We provide training for ACMA cable licence as well as endorsements and refresher/ RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) if you have let your old licence lapse.

If you are not sure what qualifications you need to perform your type of work, contact us today.

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