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Commercial and Residential Cabling

Technology is constantly changing, more and more services and products become available to individuals and businesses throughout Australia and the World that depend on reliable communications infrastructure.

At AQUATel we provide cabling to suit current and future needs of our customers, be it for their home or business.

Is your House National Broadband Network Ready?

Despite the arguments our current government has with opposition regarding the NBN, we will have bradband service rolled out in one form or another and the customer premises cabling will be an integral part of the network.

We have qualified Cabling Auditors approved by TITAB Cable Registry to assess the suitability of the current network infrastructure for connection to NBN in your home. Some areas you should look into and questions to ask yourselves are:

  • Will the current cabling network handle high speeds?
  • Is there sufficient number of outlets for phones/ computers?
  • Would you want to use the network for Video/ Movies/ Audio/ Security?

and the most important question is:

  • Is cabling installed by qualified and licensed technician to the required standard? – failure to do so may impact on internet speeds, interference with other devices, void warranties/ insurances and possibly failure of the network.

Commercial Cabling

At AQUATel we only use quality cable and fittings to insure reliability and effectiveness of your communications infrastructure. Communications is such an important function in any business – We ensure you get the most out of your cabling network whichever purpose you use it for.

Whether it is an additional point for a computer or cabling of a new multi story commercial development – we can do it all!

Internal Cabling

Internal Telephone, Data & Security Cabling
Residential, Commercial, Telstra

External Cabling
External Data, Telephone, Telstra cabling
Residential, Commercial

External Data & Telephone Cabling & Cable Jointing

Private Network & Telstra Network Underground & Aerial Cable Jointing Sydney, Canberra & Central West NSW


AQUA Telecoms has qualified, accredited

and experienced cable jointers

  • CAN Electronics
  • RIM
  • Lateral & HSOJ
  • Cable Hauling
  • Faults
  • CPE
  • Pay TV
  • Pillar Tails
  • Preprovitioning to New Homes
  • Customer Lightning Protection (CLP)
  • Rearrangements

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