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New Fibre Requirements

Posted on : October 2, 2013

The recent publication of AS/NZS 3080:2013 brings with it some much needed clarity for the ICT community with the inclusion of Amendments 1 and 2, and the injection of some new requirements.
The overall document has leapt from 132 pages (2003) to 200 pages as a result of this.

As AS/NZS 3080 is a direct descendant of ISO/IEC 11801, all additional requirements, and further guidance of the parent document specific to Australia and New Zealand, are captured in Appendix ZA as per the previous edition.

Most changes and updates are predominantly focussed around Optical Fibre, with the only significant Copper addition being that of the dreaded alien crosstalk requirements for copper classes EA and FA (alien crosstalk of Class F is considered to be as good as the alien crosstalk performance for class EA). Thankfully for installers and customers alike, the requirement for this time consuming test sequence is addressed within the new Standard. It states that if cable manufacturers can better the values for coupling attenuation as stated in, then the requirement is met by design (of the cable) therefore negating the need for AXT testing. Of course, it’s not just a case of saying that the cable outperforms the requirements – it has to be backed up by a Statement of Conformance from that cable vendor which is based on laboratory reports.


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Synergy Telecoms’ New Office opens in Bathurst

Posted on : July 7, 2012

Synergy Telecoms would like to announce the opening of their new office, right in Bathurst CBD – “Bolam Centre” 238a Howick St.

In addition to our workshop and training centre in U6 & 7, 95 Rankin St Bathurst, the decision to open an office in Bathurst CBD was driven by the local demand of our customers and the need to have a central location with easy access for customers to drop in and see us. Read more...

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