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ACMA Open Cable and Restricted

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIf you perform telecommunications cabling at the customer premises you must hold a current ACMA Cabling licence applicable to the work that you do. In simple terms Restricted only lets you perform basic residential cabling up to the first socket. Anything beyond that, more complex cabling or working on the commercial building requires an Open Cable licence.

To perform specialised cabling, you also need relevant endorsements on your licence. Endorsements are ONLY available on Open Cable licence.

Our courses include ACMA Open and Restricted as well as refresher IMG092-1and RPL if you have let your licence lapse or just haven’t got around to getting the certificate until now.

Our 5-day (online/ long distance option also available) course is aimed at technicians already working in the industry or performing similar work who have experience installing cabling. There are also other prerequisites for this course. click here to see the full document of prerequisites and course descriptions

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